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What happened is salesmen

Made it a point to say that there product is the right product for my home because of the way the product is made to only alow the water to flow into the gutter system ( mesh filter ) while unwanted debris will roll off gutters by way of

( filtersheid ) has self - cleaning propeties ; no organic debris.or shingle grit can permanently adhere to it or cause a clog

I paid 1,400 hunderd dollars for a clog free system

But the product is not working up to its guaranteed

Because the debri * does not fall off the gutter ) there for debris does and will adhere permanetly to the gutter filter and cause the water flow to go over the top of the gutter rather then going down the inside of the gutter

The water that folws over the gutter has now left stains on the outside of my gutters

Sure leaffilter will never clog on the inside because the filter (mesh screen ) will clog on the mesh screen permanently untill i get out the ladder and clean off all debris cloging the out side of the system

When i had put in a call to leaffilter i was told someone would stop out and see where the problem is

But when the filter guy came out he never made it a point to speak to me about the problem i had no idea any one showed up

So i called leaffilter and asked why no one showed up and was told someone had been here and they cleaned the debris that was adhered to the mesh filter

So i told the leaffilter person over the phone that my concerns are that this filter will become clog again

And the leaffilter person went on about how this was a very unusal summer we had and i went on to state my concern that this clog as it stands will only clog again

in time

So i asked when this clog happens which it will again is leaffilter going to come back each and every time this system clogs to unclog it.

The leaffilter person refused to have anything to do with this matter by saying we had a unusal summer just what the *** that has to do with my cloged up gutter system all never know

Product or Service Mentioned: Leaffilter North Estimate.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

LeafFilter North Cons: Water overflows gutter now.

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