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Hi Sam, We are sorry to hear that you are less than satisfied with our product. LeafFilter offers a 100% money back no-clog guarantee and would be happy to send a service technican out to resolve your issue.
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When they tell you it doesn't clog, don't believe a word!!! The holes in the mesh are so tiny, that leaves do pile up and don't easily wash off, not enough pitch.

During a hard rain, not even the water goes in and splashes onto the ground making puddles!

Gave me some bull *** story about piggy backing my order onto the another order to get me a better price! DON'T fall for it!

The manager, George and the salesman are in cahoots with this scam to get you to buy!!! Check out GutterGlove or GutterDome, same concept, but instead of vinyl, they use aluminum, much sturdier!

Don't buy this!!!

Reason of review: Scam with pricing.

LeafFilter North Cons: Bad sales practices.

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Floral Park, New York, United States #1098637

I'm seriously considering having Leaffilter installed on my home so I looked into online reviews like any other consumer would/could.

The amazing part is that your complaint is about the filter clogging, but then you recommend buying another product with a similar filter and a different mainframe. Was your issue the filter or was it the frame being made out of aluminum?

Sounds to me like you're not a real customer...just someone looking to promote another product and make a name for yourself by badmouthing a well known product.

This is why I hate online reviews when I'm purchasing something...I always have to try to sniff out the BS.

Anyways, for a national company that has installed 100,000+ jobs, it is encouraging to see such a tiny fraction of reviews to be negative.

I honestly expected to see a lot more bad reviews if the system didn't work. I'll keep everyone posted on LFilter's performance if I buy it, which seems like a strong probability right about now.


That's too bad. It seems like there are a lot of posts about the screens clogging.

Have you tried getting on your roof and giving the screens a good scrubbing?

to Anonymous Old Bridge Township, New Jersey, United States #1091339

They tell you it's supposed to be completely maintenance free! Never climb a ladder again!

The whole point of spending $2000+ for gutter screens is to never have to clean or worry about my gutters again. Scrubbing, cleaning, unclogging whatever! Liars and this just causes another big problem!

The sales people are shady, price keeps changing. Not trustworthy.

to Anonymous #1093742


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