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Hello- LeafFilter is backed by an industry-leading lifetime, transferrable warranty. We offer a 100% money back no-clog guarantee. Please contact our dedicated service and support team at 800-749-4566 if you are still experiencing issues with our gutter guard product.

I paid well over $1000 for "LeafFilter" on my spoutings. The first install took all day and I had to help clean up.

The install was very, very poorly done and my spoutings were damaged in the install.. The workmanship was poor, the screening is "wavy" and not fastened in the back. There are gaps, and I recently paid a roofing company $225 to clean my clogged gutters that are allegedly protected by this junk. Second install by a person, who came in a mini van and a ladder, I was not home when he started and by the time I did arrive he was packing up and claimed he re-installed the shiels properly.

He lied he only did one half the job and it was terrible. MORE HOLES IN MY NEW SPOUTING. Do not patronize this company, run away from this rip off operation.

TERRIBLE. Now I have clogged spoutings and less money.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Vancouver, Washington, United States #964561

This was obviously not leave filter they are much more expensive I spent almost $5000 I am very pleased with the product I've had it now for three years

to Jerome Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States #964638

It was Leaf Filter, and they initially tried to charge me much more than what I paid. Almost 3X as much.

Plus I had a small Cape Cod style home and perhaps your home was larger.

Since I wrote the check , I know whom I hired and who I paid.


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