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Hello- There are many different factors that go into the price of LeafFilter such as inside and outside corners on your gutters, number of stories on your home, and whether a gutter replacement is necessary. For more information on our pricing, please visit our pricing page:
Massillon, Ohio

I can not say how well or how poorly Leaf filter works but I have a pavilion in a campground more than an hour drive from my home. When I contacted them I explained exactly what I had ( 2 straight 40 foot sections 15 feet above the ground and asked for ball park figure or an average price per foot so I could make a decision on if it was worth my while to make the drive and wait on them to arrive. Stated that all jobs are different and wouldn't give any idea on an amount.

I set up an appointment and when they arrived they found that it was exactly as I had described. Gave me a price of $1995.00. ( which is nearly $25.00 per foot) I declined. The salesman was nice and did not try to pressure me.

Called another company told them exactly what I had. They told me over the phone that the price would be $200.00 ($2.50 per foot) if they didn't run into problems. They arrived at scheduled time did the job for $200.00 and

I am pleased.

Can't speak about the quality of leaf Filters product put can say I feel that they are way over priced and believe that you can can basically the same system installed for way less money elsewhere.

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I had the same product installed and it works great. If you want cheap than buy cheap.

They weren't overpriced. The salesman offered me a price and he explained why they like to have someone sign on the first day. I agreed. He said I would find a lesser product for lesser money but I didn't want my shingles disturbed.

I understand companies have to make money.

Most people don't and want quality for nothing. Good product and a fair price.


@NAMWAL, they gave me a rather high price (much higher than your quote) but if you're willing to pay what they ask then that is your problem. When it comes to a service industry such as Leaf Filter they have a bottom dollar they are allowed to go to, so they start high expecting you to talk them down and if you don't you're a fool.

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So you are telling me they are starting out trying to screw me? why in the *** would i want to buy from a company like that. Go sell used cars


I had leaf filter out for a quote as well for my garage separate from the house. I had another quote from gutter glove the similar type of mesh product.

Both were around the same ballpark. Not by any means cheap but I went with leaf filter because I didnt want to put the gutter glove up under my roof and I like the fact that the sales guy also didnt pressure me.


I bought this last year and absolutely love it. I looked at some of the cheaper stuff but when Consumer Reports ranked them the best I decided to call and get a quote.

Leaf Filter wasn't the cheapest but it works and that's all that matters me. For what it's worth I would recommend this stuff to anyone who asked.


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