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There are many different factors that go into the price of LeafFilter, such as inside and outside corners on your gutters, number of stories on your home, and if you need gutter replacement. This link may able to help you further: It's our mission to get our customers the best possible price. You may have qualified for extra discounts or promotions which have driven the price down.

Gave me a quote of $2900 for 120 feet of Leaf Filter. I have no corners, all straight runs on top of brand new gutters.

I said no way, it would be cheaper to have my gutters cleaned twice a year. He then dropped his price to $2000 if I signed on the spot. I told him I wanted to get more prices from other companies and confer with my wife. He said the price was only good that day.

He stormed off then screeched his tires as he sped away. I now have a roofer who is giving me simular gaurds for $950.

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